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New 8 Ideas for Decorating a Bedroom

August 7, 2009 by newhouseofart

Are you looking for the best design for your bedrooms? Here they are some ideas for decorating your bedrooms. If you want to look for more bedroom design ideas, you can check this post : Bedroom Decorating Ideas

bedrooms decorating
The walls are blue-green combine with chocolate brown bed and dresser and a wooden staircase.

bedrooms decorating pictures
The walls in a yellow sun and a lush green and white of the bed encourage this small space.

bedrooms decorating pictures 1
Rustic decor for the bedroom can be achieved with very simple elements: an iron bed, wooden floors, soft carpet and an old trunk.

bedrooms decorating pictures 2
A sophisticated and elegant decor, with walls achieved very pale green in color, black color of a bed and a French-style chair.

bedrooms decorating pictures 3
In this case the walls are the main decoration of this room. A mix of navy blue with black paint has made the color of a night sky. Clouds and shadows are achieved with a brush and then painted stars in gold metallic paint and silver. The bed headboard is manufactured with an antique garden gate.

bedrooms decorating pictures 4
A bedroom decorated in a nautical style. The white walls contrast with the cheerfully blue bedspreads and carpets.

bedrooms decorating pictures 5
The wooden floors are elegantly combined with green and brown tones. This set of colors reminiscent of nature.

bedrooms decorating pictures 6
A yellow background may be the backdrop for a decoration based on successful elements of furniture and old world style decor. The shades of blue against the yellow and illuminate the room.

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