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New Residence Design Large Basement Idea

January 24, 2011 by newhouseofart

Amazing Bryanston House  Residence Architecture Plan

Contemporary home architecture design located in Bryanston Johannesburg, South Africa, we presented to you as design inspiration in this sample interior and exterior pictures gallery shonw below. A new luxury residence built in about 1400 square meter planned by Nico & Werner van der Meulen of Nico van der Meulen Architects cc placed on a 4000 square meter stand in Eccleston Rd, Bryanston. Upon entering through the modern gatehouse design idea you look down the sloping driveway through some large cantilevers protruding from the house structure, some in rust, other rooms clad with unfilled travertine, and an atrium behind a mantis grating screen. Due to the house slope of the stand design, an innovative large basement was designed on the lower side of the property, making a stepped effect on the stand. Next to the front door a large reflective koi pond flows over a retaining wall next to the drive way, with an illuminated indoor glass staircase design behind a two storey curtain wall in the background.

Upholstered Light Dining Room Design

House in Bryanston Interior design was completed by M Square Lifestyle Design, and the luxury furniture, room interior decoration and feature lights were by M Square Lifestyle Necessities. The comfortable lounge leads directly onto the deck next to the pool through full width frame-less stacking doors, and through the bar to the lanai. An atrium allows the residents to open the living rooms to cool breezes. The only decorative wall design in the lounge is a double height wall punctured by a 4 meter long fireplace and several illuminated niches, with a covered ceiling with rope lights over it. All the other walls are glass. The house front door is a large piece of pivoted frame-less glass, leading into a double volume entrance hall and formal lounge with a view across the lounge and pool into the garden beyond. A bridge suspended with minimalist steel cables spans across this space. The lift shaft home forms a strong vertical element completed in rust behind the pond. Every single one of this is framed with a cantilevered concrete beam. The wooden staircase behind the koi pond is a double glass construction, with lights between the two layers of glass. Above the lower garage a huge cantilevered structure hangs out, suspended by beams built into its roof. So, team now waiting for your opinion about this new residence architectures.

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