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  1. Luxury Shower Drain Stylish Bathroom Furniture Artistic Design

    November 12, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Artistic Shower Drain Furniture

    What an amazing and unique bathroom accessories design ideas presented by Designer Drains. Luxury drain furniture design that is must add in your bathroom interior decorating to give comfortable and elegant atmosphere. These stylish modern shower drains from Designer Drains has artistic aesthetic style create this often-overlooked component a factual feature point. These circular shower drain covers are such as lavish jewelry for your bathroom, featuring exclusive patterns which range from contemporary to geometric to ornate. But there is more to these decorative covers than meets the eye. No plastic material otherwise PVC is used in manufacturing, done in the United State of America (USA). Coordinate the finish through your bathroom faucets and hardware for a unified appearance. These eco-friendly shower drains are created from reclaimed .060-inch thick 304 Stainless Steel and their slogan, “Assisting the environment, one shower at a time”. Do you want to buy this luxurious bathroom shower furniture? visit Designer Drains

    Modern Shower Drain Stylish Design

    Contemporary Shower Drain Design

    Cool Shower Drain Bathroom Ideas

  2. Glamour Exotic Seating Furniture Surreal House Interior Design

    November 12, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern craftsmanship chair ideas

    Sicis Next Art make a modern furniture design with glamour and exotic style presented at this creative seating furniture set pictures gallery shown below. This chair home furnishing collection absolutely can be very impressed in your house interior. You can take a look about these glamour bathtubs which is aesthetic design furniture masterpieces which not only serve their function but also create some bathroom interior decorating seem unusually gorgeous. Their exotic seating furniture set solutions is a new best model of really astounding products for house. They Sicis Next Art seating are very unusual and even surreal. They regularly are decorated with special elements of nature but in very colorful colors. This contemporary Italian furniture designed by Carla Tomeo and consists of different chairs, unique benches and luxury sofas. Every piece is an example of top Italian craftsmanship with a lot of attention to details. Do you want to place it in your living room? Sicis Next Art

    luxury chair design style

    green unique italian furniture design

    comfort sofa furniture ideas

    elegant leather sofa furniture

    exotic seating furniture design

  3. Creative Three Boys Bedroom Design DIY Hanging Beds Furniture

    November 12, 2010 by newhouseofart

    contemporary boys bedroom design

    This is creative ideas for your kid’s bedroom interior design with this minimalist and simple inspired by Ana White. Contemporary Three Boys bedroom with DIY hanging beds furniture seems very comfortable but are also extremely practical in terms of space saving system. This chic children boys’ bedroom decorating is a unique home décor project by the family behind The Bumper Crop which have done with them. The modern beds are hanging from the decorative walls through thick rope from metal hooks material and also bolted into the wall. The bed lines furniture product are from famous company, Ikea. Near every bed battery-powered LED lights are installed. These lights were innovative outdoor lights and currently they can be turned on/off with a simple button. These beds and lights are not only things that are done in this elegant room by the family, but they show how you can design the room stylish and practical without spending a lot of money on furniture. So, check this boy children bedroom pictures gallery and give your opinion. Ana White

    wall hanging boys bedroom

    unique boys bedroom decorating

    simple three boys bedroom interior

    minimalist boys bedroom white color

    innovative boys bedroom decor

    elegant boys bedroom furniture

    cool boys bedroom ideas

  4. Small Spanish Penthouse Design Modern Interior Decorating Large Terrace

    November 8, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Comfy Living Room Penthouse Design

    This modern Spanish penthouse design is located in Madrid designed by famous architects Hector Ruiz-Velazquez. Luxury interior decorating ideas combine with contemporary furniture design is truly making a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The house designer has managed to use each centimeter of existing room as efficient as likely. The pent house or apartment design is only 60 square meter inside but also features awesome 50 square meter terrace. Although the whole unique penthouse space is planned to be well-organized and practical it also has an extraordinarily enjoyable appear. It is dynamic thanks to every curved line which create borders between spaces blur. The penthouse apartment is a perfect sample of how even small living space can be very comfortable and look lavish style. The room interior lighting system is considered to illuminate every corners of the apartment house to create it seem more spacious. Using white as the main walls and floors color and help to enlarge the room. Here it is the sample pictures interior and exterior penthouse design gallery.

    Decorative Penthouse Wall Design

    Elegant Master Bedroom Penthouse Decor

    Lavish Penthouse Loft Interior Design

    Luxury Penthouse Bathroom Decorating

    Stylish Penthouse Spanish Kitchen Design

    Luxurious Penthouse Dining Room Ideas

    Modern Spanish Penthouse Outdoor Space Decoration

    Modern Penthouse Toilet Design

    Minimalist White Penthouse Interior Pictures

    Minimalist Penthouse Curtain Home Decorating

  5. Summer House Design Ideas, Cozy Comfortable Interior Design, Norway

    November 8, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Summer House Yelow Exterior Design

    Beautiful sea is the main stunning natural views presented by this Norwegian summer house design ideas. If you are looking for perfect place to spend your holiday time, may be this cozy summer house with comfortable interior decorating ideas can be ideal for you. This contemporary summer house located at the island of Hernar in Norway, very perfect for the relaxing lifestyle even if the weather outside is not good. Check this summer house interior and exterior architecture design pictures gallery.

    Summer House Stunning Outdoor Ocean View

    Summer House Modern Dining Room Ideas

    Summer House Minimalist Bathroom

    Summer House Kids Study Room Decor

    Summer House Innovative Kitchen Layout

    Colorful Summer House Interior Decorating

    Norway Summer House Sofa Furniture

    Summer House Baby Nursery Room

    Summer House Clean Small Toilet Design

    Summer House Comfortable Living Room

    Summer House Contemporary Home Office

    Summer House Elegant Master Bedroom

  6. Two Level Contemporary Apartment Minimalist Doors Walls Design

    November 7, 2010 by newhouseofart

    comfort master bedroom luxury design

    Located in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia designed by Edwards Moore, these contemporary two-level apartment interior design ideas is very comfortable with minimal decorative walls and minimalist door furniture design. Called Cubby House is a luxury home living overlooking a public outdoor swimming pool and beautiful natural views. The house lower level features a modern kitchen, large storage space furniture for favorite books and a creative semi-enclosed balcony which performs as part of the living room. The residence upper level consists of private spaces such as luxury master’s bedroom and clean bathroom. Besides there is a contemporary guest bedroom space which also acts as a small kids study room. The entire apartment architecture design concept was to make a continuous space for living rather than regularly separated rooms and floors. The natural palette was selected for the interior decorating to make a feeling of comfort. Reclaimed limed timber, OSB, sisal, Vic ash and white concrete color themes floor look very good together. Check this pictures gallery.

    two level apartment interior design

    simple apartmentment storage space ideas

    public space swimming pool architecture design

    contemporary dining room ideas apartment

    minimalist apartment bathroom decorating

    modern two-level apartment interior architectural

  7. Wooden Weekend Stunning Beach House Design, DRN Architect

    November 3, 2010 by newhouseofart

    outdoor stairway wooden beach house architecture

    DRN architect designed this wooden beach house architecture as a weekend holiday house which has beautiful natural views of ocean. Even though the reality that this stunning house is positioned next to the beach, it has no beach view. With this in mind the DRN architect made this hill view unexpected landscaped beach house architectural. It is built in unique shape house split level, through especially natural materials such as wood and bricks in mixing tones harmonizing with the surrounding nature. A wooden bridge like stairway leads to the house main entrance of this magnificent retreat. A wide calm contemporary backyard, far from the city, creates this weekend home design very suitable for people who wants enjoy their outdoor life, but at the same time with easy access to the nearby beach and its vibrant holiday life and entertainment. A large glass surface at the back of this home has a wide view directly to the hills. Within this house interior decorating ideas the use of natural materials in neutral tone settings continues. More information visit DRN.

    opened house balcony large glass surface ideas

    master bedroom wooden weekend house interior

    glass surface modern kitchen wood beach house

    comfortable bedroom wooden weekend beach house

  8. 9 Elegant Halloween Home Interior Decorating Ideas

    November 1, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Comfortable Halloween Home Dining Room

    For this Halloween day, we are presented 9 cool Halloween house interior decorating ideas pictures gallery as your inspiration. There are many styles of Halloween house design such as comfortable, elegant, and Gothic and many more. You must choose what is suite with your house architectural design. Check this out sample photos elegant home indoor and outdoor decoration style. Creative ideas characterized with orange, yellow color schemes and unusual hues of beige. Pumpkins, beautiful flowers and candles are things that must be part of decorations. Spiders, witches and other creepy home accessories and furniture elements are no needed. Such decorations are innovative for adults but are boring for kids. So, what do you think?

    Minimalist Halloween House Furniture Ideas

    Halloween House Creative Outdoor Candle Decor

    Halloween House Acessories Room Interior

    Halloween Home Garden Decorating Idea

    Contemporary Halloween House Design Photos

    Elegant Halloween Dining Room Interior Design

    Halloween Door House Entrance Decorating

    Halloween Home Accessories Fire Place Design

  9. Classic Terraced Townhouse Interior Renovation Vintage Modern Design

    October 30, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Classic Townhouse Architecture Modern Interior Design

    Very inspiring classic house design ideas shown in this sample pictures gallery below! This small town house located in Belgium you can see before in Bruges movie with Colin Farrell. In Bruges there are available quite old town home design and a lot of old office building architectures. Here, we presented classic terraced townhouse interior renovation ideas that blend vintage and modern in comfortable design style. Designed by 51N4E architects, the double-height space, completely covered in timber planks, starts off as an arch that gradually lifts asymmetrically towards the back, framing the tall tree of a neighboring home green garden. The old house architectural plan is entirely renovated through partially innovative flooring and new color schemes for townhouse facade, decorative walls and ceilings. The custom made creative and unique kitchen furniture with integrated fire place doubles as working room, becoming the new center of the home. The townhouse features a generously lit winter garden and interior decorating is a perfect sample of how cool vintage and modern styles might be combined.

    Classic Small Townhouse Exterior Architectural

    White Minimalist Townhouse Interior Indoor Staircase

    Modern Townhouse Kitchen Interior Space

    Custome Chair Table Furniture Vintage Townhouse Interior

    Creative Townhouse Home Furniture Collection

    Contemporary Townhouse Dining Room Interior Decor

    Classic Unique Townhouse Facade Design Ideas

  10. Cute Cozy 45 Sqm Apartment Interior Design Pink Color Decor Accents

    October 27, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Elegant Small Apartment Bedroom Interior

    Looking for more inspiration about cute and cozy apartment interior decorating ideas? This edition, NewHouseOfArt.Com will present for you (again) gorgeous small apartment pink color accents design pictures gallery. Minimalist and stylish apartment architectural that has decorative wall which is painted in soft grey that helps to boost the brightness themes, absolutely beautiful! The apartment living room and the bedroom both feature elegant and comfortable walnut finished laminate flooring. The modern kitchen and the clean bathroom in contrary have floors covered with unique rustic tiles. The selection of these materials and colors helps to make best use of the space with no losing in comfort and livability. Creative apartment accessories and furniture also enhance apartment room atmosphere. The living space in this stunning apartment is expanded thanks to uniting it through the kitchen space. Even though the cooking room is still separated from the living room where the dining room is placed. Combine with modern apartment sliding doors design this can occupy less space. What do you think about this apartment ideas?

    Minimalist Dining Room Apartment Decor

    Small Apartment Modern Sliding Doors Design

    Unique Accessories Furniture Apartment Ideas

    Apartment TV Room Interior Decorating

    Clean Small Apartment Bathroom Ideas

    Comfortable Small Apartment Pink Interior Design

    Cute Apartment Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

    45 sqm Aparment Architectural Design Plan