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  1. Spacious Step House Design in Narrow Plot Land

    September 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

    step apartment with lime and white full view

    If you are looking for architecture plan about designing a minimalist spacious house design on a narrow plot of land, may be this idea can give you an inspiration. The Step House is a modern home designed by 05 AM Arquitectura, the Catalonian Spanish architects that worked wonders by this split-level, contemporary house which employs a terraced plan in its room interiors and exterior decorations. This house is situated in a small Spanish village in Girona, the openings of the home face the north and south by means of the north facing the old village through its cobble-stone streets, and the south facing the swimming pool, green courtyard and garden, and beautiful landscape.

    step apartment terrace design

    The innovative concept of stepped floors and Chartreuse yellow shelving allocates long stunning views and gorgeous natural light, however in addition characterizes the unusual spaces of the room. The home is planned to align with the north or the south elements. The house in minimalism style able to be accessed via two entrances, the first floor, ground entrance and the lower, ground garden level that is also the car port. The car garage is a middle space which blurs the outdoor-indoor divide.

    step apartment office and stairs

    step apartment office and hallway garage storage

    Among the house basement and the main level, the Step House designer has integrated the transitional level or floor that is reserved for leisure and study spaces. The depressed zone in the center of the home lets it to have a better relation among the landscape, and the fragmented roof allocates fabulous natural light to pass through. The small kitchen, comfortable living room, and terrace are the entire positioned on the main floor. Great home architecture idea!

    step apartment office and garage

    step apartment lime and white office

    step apartment lime and white and wood

    step apartment kitchen design

    step apartment indoor outdoor divide

    step apartment dining room and kitchen

    step apartment bedroom with country view

    modern step apartment kitchen space

    minimalist step apartment interior

  2. Sustainability Exhibition Center Concept by ART+COM

    September 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

    sustainability waves screen idea

    Looking at the exhibition space interior design pictures gallery here is make me feel such as I am in future time. The cool and futuristic interior design of Exhibition Center Marrying Digital Media & Sustainability is able to give you a new experience of living in ultra modern house. Designed by ART+COM (a famous studio and group of creative designer which is specializing in manipulative rooms with innovative media), this is a new conceptual idea of sustainability for the usual individual by means of a concrete digital media exhibition situated at Autostadt, Volkswagen’s communications platform in Wolfsburg, Denmark.

    sustainability touch screen diagram

    When a guest navigates the “Level Green: The Concept of Sustainability” display, they able to study regarding climate change and its consequences, the substance of sustainability to the planet’s economic and social health, and Volkswagen’s definite advance to the idea. J. Mayer H. planned the center through its twenty five media exhibits, every part of that allocate guests to aggressively engage in learning not just concerning the conception, but how they are able to apply it themselves and realize it into their own lives.

    sustainability strange diorama cool design

    sustainability mesh architecture design

    The information sculptures allow visitors to imagine and match up to the specifics and figures more simply. Interactive media walls give details essential themes and give confidence communication with playful entrance to data by touching. The installations even foster a private relationship to the subject with prompting guests to return on their own lifestyles. I think these photos present amazing fodder for futuristic way enthusiasts. Leave your opinion by drop a comment.

    sustainability screen at display room

    sustainability green space display

    sustainability green future digital lifestyle

    sustainability futuristic circle diagram

    sustainability future laptops

    sustainability diagram room design

    sustainability circular ultra modern diagram

    sustainability black innovative diagram

    sustainability black digital design

    sustainability black and green monitors

    sustainability balck and green diagram

  3. Incredible Five Star Luxury Boutique Grace Hotel

    August 17, 2011 by newhouseofart

    wonderful satorini grace deck and pool

    What a sensational architecture design from The Grace. This is truly awesome and super luxury five star hotel design. I really wonder how the interior designer gets inspiration from. The five star hotel boutique of Grace Hotel designed with branches- and become in the world’s most attractive destinations, looks astounding combined through the backdrop of the stunning, blue and white Santorini islands, the southernmost islands of the Cyclades.

    superb santorini grace pool and ocean

    spectacular santorini grace hotel in mountains

    satorini pool and ocean at sunset

    With its superb place in the charming village of Imervigli above the Caldera (a centuries-old deep basin made from a sunken volcano), the Grace Santorini presents magnificent views of the well-known sunset cast across the Aegean sea and the Cyclades Islands in addition to a romantic, serene feeling for guests. Although the property is mainly private, it is expediently located only 2 KM from the capital of the islands, Fira, and 8-10 KM away from the 2 closest airports. The island’s long history of volcanic activity has made the spectacular landscape the Grace Hotel and others sit upon nowadays.

    satorini grace pools and decks view

    satorini grace corner pool with ocean view

    santorini large white bedroom with balcony and view

    santorini grace white bedroom with balcony

    santorini grace pink and white decor

    santorini grace modern pool design

    santorini grace coffee station interior

    santorini deck with amazing ocean view

    santorini contemporary hotel deck design

    grace santorini white living area and tv

    grace santorini white living area

    grace santorini infinity pool balcony and ocean view

    gorgeous birds eye view santorini grace hotel

    comfort santorini grace room with pool

    beautiful satorini grace pool at sunset

  4. Homey Small Polish Apartment Design

    August 17, 2011 by newhouseofart

    red white polish apartment interior color

    The new apartment architecture design today inspiration come from the cute and cozy small polish apartment designed by mode:lina which is located in Poznan, Poland. The famous Polish architecture company which was inspired to makes a beautiful and homey apartment house for guests visiting the city for the Poznan International Fair.

    polish apartment simple bedroom

    polish apartment living area design

    Consequently, they ended up with a modern little apartment design which mixes elements reminiscent of the accommodating plan fixtures of a luxury hotel and the comfortable surroundings of someone’s definite dwelling. The apartment designers as well presented themselves an extra challenge to use affordable, expendable furniture. They turned to IKEA furniture that added to the simple, minimalist character of the apartment interior.

    polish apartment good bedroom design

    modern polish apartment bathroom

    minimalist polish apartment balcony

    luxury polish apartment bathroom interior

    little polish apartment kitchen idea

    lavish polish apartment living room furniture

    funy polish apartment bedroom with quote on wall

    elegant polish apartment kitchen interior

    cozy polish apartment kitchen space

    contemporary polish apartment hall decor

    black white polish apartment designs

  5. 10 Fabulous Modern Living Rooms

    August 15, 2011 by newhouseofart

    white tiled living room design

    After for long days ago, we are searching for new super modern living room designs inspiration to give you new, fresh and absolutely gorgeous home interior decorating idea. The spacious and great living room view is the important element in this design collection. Whether you are interested in the beachy, nautical appear otherwise you are more inspired through Japanese interior furnishings, there is presently concerning incredible for every person in this set.

    stunning living room with balcony view

    stone living room interior

    This fabulous and contemporary, white all-marble living room design suggests color-blocking by means of the pops of yellow, vivid and also purple. This simply furnished room draws more concentration to the neighboring balcony and the streamlined shelves. The cozy atmosphere is very enjoyable. We are truly like the tiled walls and floors of this cream-colored living room. The modern shag rug and funky furniture and lighting add a 1970?s vibe.

    spacious red and white living room

    purple and white living room

    If you are look at the pictures gallery, you will see creative dark brown wood paneled living room that is a super bachelor pad. This minimalistic space with neutral decoration and elegant furniture provides a little pops of color in wall art and a modern chair.

    modern contemporary living room

    The simple door of the attached outdoor courtyard is glass that allocates more light and color keen on the living room. Contemporary Japanese style living room gives low furnishings, a Japanese style ceiling and metal wall art, alongside through bonsai tree accessories.

    living room with internal garden

    These living room walls are create from wood paneling that as well present off a 1970?s vibe but the gold details create it a bit more chic. This sophisticated living room is bold and sharp, through black and white color shades, other than elegant touches like the green curtains, the wall decorations, and etc.

    living room with black and white shades

    This edgy black and white living room by artistic graphic prints on the wall and pillows is pretty stylish and neat. This luxury living room mixes white and red, with a contemporary vibe and angled high ceilings with recessed lighting. It is minimalist yet spectacular. This is a blue and white, nautical, beach house living room entire with striped rug, relaxed white furniture, and beachy wall art deco.

    brown and white living room with car

    blue and white living room

    via: Home-Designing

  6. 17 Sleek TV Wall Units Design by Alf Da Fre

    August 8, 2011 by newhouseofart

    wood and white tv wall mount

    The modern TV wall unit design inspiration shown on this 17 pictures gallery is creative idea from Italian famous furniture company Alf Da Fre. Many people like to relax in living room or just watching TV. So, the entertainment part is almost certainly the most central and central element of any living room at house interior. We generally prop our TV’s up on a TV cabinet otherwise attach them to the largest wall properly facing our couches.

    white and green tv wall mount

    white and black tv wall mount

    Alf Da Free bring to us their stylish yet modern TV wall unit in variety of design. You can choose to suite with your living room decorating themes. There is also available sleek, contemporary, and come with a mixture of layout and styling choices such as symmetric, asymmetric, creative floating cabinets, minimalist ambient TV lighting and vivid variable color palettes. What do you preferred design for your living room?

    warm wood and white  tv wall unit

    symetric black tv wall mount

    stylish red plastic tv wall mnt

    simple tv wall mount design

    red white black tv wall mount color

    modern black and glass tv wall mount

    innovative white red black tv wall mount

    green tv wall mount idea

    futuristic design bw tv wall mount

    elegant white and red tv wall mount

    cozy white and brown wall tv mount

    contemporary wblack tv wall

    comfortable white tv wall mount

    chic design white wall tv mount

  7. Glamour Vintage Apartment Oozes Interior

    August 5, 2011 by newhouseofart

    white vintage apartment marble jacuzzi

    Modern apartment design idea designed by Geometrix on this glamour vintage apartment is look very fantastic. On this previously post, we have featured one of their project about overwhelming apartment interior, you should also check on it. Geometrix have stumped us with this contemporary yet vintage, black and white comfort apartment oozes building, decked out by Marilyn Monroe prints on the walls which suggest the 1950?s era, except by means of modern black and white decor color schemes. In contrast this abode has nothing futuristic about it. One might speak this possibly will be an ideal fit for a 1950?s celebrity such as Marilyn otherwise a modern-day one through a love for old Hollywood glamour. Here is it 15 apartment interior pictures gallery.

    white marble dining room with black furniture

    white and black vintage apartment office

    vintage apartment white and black kitchen

    vintage apartment black hall with white touches

    super luxurious vintage apartment

    elegant vintage apartment white brown bedroom

    marilyn monroe vintage apartment dining room

    luxury vintage apartment living area

    luxurious and comfy brown bedroom

    futuristic vintage apartment office

    contemporary vintage apartment living room

    comfortable vintage apartment bedroom interior

    black kitchen with white countertop

    black and white vintage apartment living room

  8. Luxury Beach House in Bouddi Peninsula, Sydney

    August 5, 2011 by newhouseofart

    sydney beach hosue tree deck

    The new beach house architecture design inspiration come from stunning beach home located on the Bouddi Peninsula in Sydney, Australia. I very love the modern interior and natural exterior decoration of this house. The luxury beach house idea which is combined with comfortable atmosphere looks such as a dream home. The pretty beach-side guesthouse is a gorgeous house designed with beautiful swimming pool and contemporary deck, accented through a natural tree almost growing out through the focal point.

    sydney beach hosue swimming pool

    sydney beach hosue stunning pool

    The natural loveliness of the neighboring forestry add more rustic flare to the sense of the residence and the interior decors are extravagantly planned with tiles, stone, and creative light-colored wood. The colors of the interior are muted and ordinary, through wood used even in the lamps furniture. Go ahead and look at this sample pictures gallery, and tell me your opinion by leaving a comment.

    sydney beach hosue rustic dining area

    sydney beach hosue pool night time

    sydney beach hosue pool and lounge

    sydney beach hosue modern pool

    sydney beach hosue living room sofa

    sydney beach hosue lavish living room

    sydney beach hosue elegant bedroom

    sydney beach hosue creative deck

    sydney beach hosue contemporary lounger

    sydney beach hosue comfort living room

    sydney beach hosue by natural pool

  9. 15 Modern Versatile Interior by Hieu Nguyen

    July 31, 2011 by newhouseofart

    zen bedroom versatile idea

    The best design of modern and minimalist versatile interior design shown at this 15 sample pictures gallery is designed by Hieu Nguyen. I very love the idea because it is looks clean, simple but have luxury touch. The following versatile design inspiration photos here are a testament to designer versatility, there are soft color palettes by means of simple, flowing renderings for the bachelor-pad-worthy rooms, and more vibrant, oranges and contemporary wood accents for a creative kids’ room and comfortable guest room sitting space.

    wood modern living area

    red and denim living room

    The Nguyen versatile designs span castle-inspired decors, complete through hanging; iron-wrought chandeliers, warm wooden and unique stone interiors, and deep red tapestries color scheme to shiny, fresh, simple white kitchens and lavish living rooms for the modern-day home-owner. The designer’s work cuts diagonally the board on diverse moods, color palettes, styles, age groups, and social groups and is a truthfully extraordinary set.

    nguyen orange sitting area

    nguyen orange kids bedroom

    nguyen modern kitchen versatile

    nguyen modern bedroom versatile

    nguyen luxury bedroom with window

    nguyen brown living room interior

    nguyen brown and white living room

    nguyen beige living room

    nguyen bedroom versatile with closet

    nguyen bedroom interior side view

    living room modern with open kitchen

    fresh contemporary small bedroom

  10. 3D Interior Rendering Pictures from Eco-Golf House

    July 31, 2011 by newhouseofart

    3d Eco-Golf House architecture

    There are available best 11 rendering images about 3d interior design and inspiration from Eco-Golf House. We are very excited to share this idea with you to give you some idea. The Studio-Aiko which is located in Israel has visualized and renders wonderful pictures of interiors and also exteriors using 3d rendering software. Before you go ahead, you should check this out the video about “Golf House in Caesarea CG Simulation” :

    Eco-Golf House pool idea

    Eco-Golf House in 3D pictures

    One of the most difficult architecture challenges put before the firm was to visualize this Eco-friendly Design of Golf House Residence which blurs the borders among it’s indoors and outdoors environment. The plans brief in addition necessary them to make the dense plants surrounding the home, the biological systems and the infrastructure leading to the residence’s structural design and interior decorating. You should watch this video walk-through of the home and moreover various high quality photos of the renders:

    Eco-Golf House design-3d

    Eco-Golf House 3d rendered house

    Eco-Golf House 3d home rendering

    Eco-Golf House 3d home design

    Eco-Golf House 3d architectural visualization

    3d interior Eco-Golf House design

    3d home interiors Eco-Golf House

    3d Eco-Golf House images