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  1. 20 Photos Diverse Family House Design Inspiration San Diego

    August 24, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Diverse Family House Wood Large Window

    Designed by Kevin deFreitas Architects, this modern family house design ideas called Casa Familia is one of the interesting contemporary family home architecture located in San Diego, United States of America (USA). The main residence design plan purpose was to fabricate a dream house which was efficient and green environment, sense that every effort were guided towards integrating low energy consuming systems which would reduce costs and the usage of different resources. This diverse family home total building area is 3,460 square feet that crates it roomy, comfortable and airy atmosphere enough for the 6 persons living inside. The luxury interior decorating of this house is miscellaneous and captivating, featuring unexpected best color schemes combination, unique furniture arrangements and inspiring design elements. Even though the original savings for such energy efficient add-ons was high, the customers are sure that it was certainly worth it when thinking of the long term consequences. So, here is it best 20 modern family home pictures gallery sample interior and exterior decoration. For more information about this residence development visit:

    Diverse Family House Unique Furniture

    Diverse Family House Standing TV Room

    Diverse Family House Outdoor Space Decoration

    Diverse Family House Modern Residence Design

    Diverse Family House Modern Dining Room

    Diverse Family House Minimalist Facade

    Diverse Family House Living Room Decor

    Diverse Family House Kids Play Room

    Diverse Family House Hall Design

    Diverse Family House Gate Design

    Diverse Family House Garden Flowers

    Diverse Family House Exterior Night View

    Diverse Family House Entertainment Room

    Diverse Family House Contemporary Loft

    Diverse Family House Comfortable Interior Layout

    Diverse Family House Bed Furniture Design

    Diverse Family House Architecture Design

    Diverse Family House Architectural Plan

    Diverse Family Home Room Interior

  2. 8 Creative Workspace Interior Design Idea Inspirations

    August 22, 2010 by newhouseofart

    ultra modern green rugged office decor

    Today, we want to let you check this creative workplace design idea pictures gallery as inspiration to make your own. Modern home office decor combine with functional contemporary furniture design make comfortable atmosphere in working time. Through the insurgence of folks starting their own businesses otherwise simply working out of their houses, NewHouseOfArt.Com determined it is simply appropriate which we feature some inspiring home offices modern workplace interior design to obtain your entrepreneurial spirits going. And while several of our houses are smaller than average, making workstations which work flawlessly in a room can be a creative task in itself. Here are a few workstations that ‘new house of art’ thought you did grateful for. If there was just something we could do to hide those awful inevitably exposed wires.

    modern double studio office interior

    Hogwash of vintage wooden furniture dresses this corner of a house with a display touch of idea. We love the little pops of color schemes against which white brick wall. A best furniture design collection of cool frames adorns the wall decals above this innovative desk on a few simple minimalist shelves which collectively make a sweet focal point! Storage space can pose an issue when you have a workstation exposed to the rest of the house, but these guys did a great job making it sparkle. This energetic corner is prepped and ready to work for the love of arts and crafts. So, what do you think about this workplace ideas?

    modern comfortable office frame display

    innovative framed brick wall office

    creative simple office floating shelves design

    contemporary office storage shelving

    casual studio office interior corner

    arts and crafts studio workplace

  3. New Decorative Karim Rashid Apartment Interior Design Ideas

    August 19, 2010 by newhouseofart

    apartment cool living room decor

    Best sample new beautiful modern apartment interior design pictures gallery as an inspiration. This one a minimalist apartment decorating ideas designed by Karim Rashid. The whole thing from the lounge chair to the show case to the artistic wall decal wallpaper is all his work! It’s a good-looking amazing apartment room to observe. Even if you find it all too loud. The art on the wall decor is a photograph Karim took off his wife kissing the shower door. Karim Rashid is famous creative and diverse designers of our generation. His loud style has named him listeners from every corner of the world. Karim Rashid is a room interior designer, home architect, writer and product designer who has dynamically touched every facet of design from eye wear and contemporary luxury furniture to children toys- and still manages to hold a few hobbies.Now we are attractive an intimate tour into his arguably ego-centric house, where he and his wife revel in all things planned by Karim Rashid. He says it simply breeds extra originality for future interior designs and likes to test out his products for functionality to see what and how things need improvement. Well HD is all for his eccentric ways since Karim has certainly given us something to talk about. For more information visit:

    apartment display case designs

    apartment funky bathroom designs

    apartment unique dining room design

    beautiful colorful apartment interiors

    creative apartment interior spaces furniture

    cute apartment living room pink interiors

    eyeglass apartment interior inspirations

    karim rashid creative interior designer

    luxury apartment furnishing bedroom

    modern apartment modular shelving

    modern red room storage closet

    romantic apartment interior lighting

  4. Best 6 Low Price IKEA Kitchen Furniture Design Ideas

    August 17, 2010 by newhouseofart

    contemporary kitchern furniture design IKEA

    If you want to buy kitchen furniture set to make beautiful and comfortable your modern contemporary kitchen interior, you must check this out best IKEA low price kitchen furniture collection. As the famous furniture design maker in the world, IKEA is the place that many people get a good piece of home furnishing and inexpensive stuff. Not only IKEA but also French site such as features other inexpensive creative kitchen suppliers in France, including a few option for the space-challenged, such as this Dolcéa “cuisine d’aujourd’hui” from Castorama starting at 499 euros with an integrated minimalist dining table furniture. If you are not from France you can still take a look at this sample luxury cheap kitchen furniture pictures gallery at least to get some inspiration. For more cost-conscious kitchen ideas from Have fun decorate your kitchen! more information visit

    wooden kitchen furniture designn ideas

    red small modern kitchen interior

    minimalist kitchen furniture IKEA

    innovative purple kitchen design layout

    creative modern kitchen green color

  5. Creative Colorful Interior Design Upperkut Agency Office

    August 15, 2010 by newhouseofart

    upperkut offices architecture building

    Jean de Lessard is a creative workplace designer who acquired basement of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church that is placed in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood in Montreal, Canada, and transformed it into cool colorful offices for Upperkut, a growing communications agency. Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church is still an active place of worship, so the office interior designer needed to be sure that this extraordinary place was still respectful to its original arrangement. The company’s owners wanted a room which fit their image: bright and dynamic office architectural with a sense of unity, and easy to expand. By selecting Jean de Lessard, they took the first step in the right direction. Some things simply could not be changed, such as the ceilings and site-specific acoustical mechanisms. The work office designer got to work, dividing the room into 4 main sections: the modern president’s office, the project comfortable managers’ area, the studio room, and the multi-function space. These rooms are linked by a corridor that acts as a central ‘spine’, and are well divided while still feeling unified, thanks to color schemes. Here is it best sample Upperkut Agency office interior design pictures gallery. via

    unique accessories office decoration

    modern office deck wooden architectural

    modern bookshelf office furniture design

    creative office wall decals design ideas

    cool workplace office agency design

    colorful creative aggency office room

  6. Best Ice Hotel Artist Suites Interior Design Arctic Vacation Pictures

    August 14, 2010 by newhouseofart

    ice hotel stunning exterior design architectural

    When we take a look at these hotel interior design ideas, it is very wonderful and cool hotel room art deco. The luxury ICE HOTEL is situated 124 miles north of the Arctic Circle in the small village Jukkasjärvi that has only 1,000 inhabitants. There are 32 artist suites formed, so you can decide to stay, to snuggle with your significant other, within the ICE HOTEL. This unique house vacation never stands still, shifting from frozen solid to a free flowing river, and back, throughout a year. It begins as crystal clear ice harvested from the Torne River in March. Artists carve these two ton ice blocks into sculptures and a hotel. You should be checking this out Ice Hotel interior design pictures gallery.

    memories paradise suite hotel room

    Many people prefer to vacation on white sandy beaches and under hot tropical sunshine. A lot of people desire cold weather vacations for skiing. For amazing truly different, an individual might try a visit to a innovative hotel built of ice and snow in a land of Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun. Made with imagination and hard work, the art is contemporary, only to melt away under the unforgiving rays of the sun come springtime. Image credit: via

    ice hotel queen room art deco

    ice hotel projection room decor

    ice hotel peeled suite design photos

    ice hotel iceplosion room interior

    ice hotel fireplace room furniture

    ice hotel dynamic shelter suite

    ice hotel church interior design

    ice hotel chasing penguins suite

    ice hotel artistic unique architecture

    creative ice hotel room ornament design

    creative ice hotel bedroom suite decorating

  7. Taiwan Luxury Boutique Hotel Interior Amitabh Bachchan Gift House

    August 12, 2010 by newhouseofart

    amazing lounge room interior

    Ten beautiful pictures gallery doing rounds in name of Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan new luxury house gifted to them by Pa is in actuality a modern boutique hotel named “Love Boutique Motel” located in Taiwan. Stunning room interior design photos presented for NewHouseofArt.Com reader as best inspiration to decor your own room. The decorative place design is flamboyant, the room interiors larger than life and the location a dream. The images are so good; we are betting Pa just might buy this place! Just when we thought we had our quota of hoax e-mails, there popped another one. And this time it’s about Amitabh Bachchan gifting a home to his son and daughter-in-law. The pictures look authentic until you see the signage on the building architecture and house accessories such as towels that are a giveaway. More information visit here via

    ultra modern indoor swimming pool

    stunning bedroom big tv ideas

    spectacular bedroom artistic design layout

    modern architecture love boutique entrance

    luxury master bedroom minimalist style

    gorgeous bathroom spa design

    decorative beige big room interior

    beautiful verandah house entrance

    bathtub design with lily petals flower

  8. 11 Beautiful Dining Room Interior Design Hulsta Collection

    August 12, 2010 by newhouseofart

    unique comfortable wooden dining room

    Top 11 beautiful modern dining room interior decor and combine with contemporary furniture design set is having comfort and elegant feel. Hulsta as the famous furniture firm has some original ideas up for grab, if you are looking to remodel or redesign your dining room. At all you can imagine right from a simple minimalist chair to creative dining table and side tables and chandeliers, Hulsta provide you with all of it.

    nice white dining room design style

    If you are toying with the dining room interior layout idea of doing a dining room-make over go through the snaps below and you-never-know you would end up thanking us for coming up with this editorial at the right time. If you like a convinced home accessory in their collection and want to buy it, they are more than happy to deliver it to you. If you are happy with their arrangement of dining room, they are pleased to do the same to your kitchens too. Here is it modern contemporary dining room pictures gallery design catalog. via

    modern dining room furniture set

    luxury dining table rug furniture

    cozy dining room interior

    bricked walls dining room

    blue black dining room color decor

    black white modern dining room

    beige white minimalist dining room

    beautiful contemporary dining room

    airy dining room interior

  9. Modern House Boat Design Concept Rooftop Home Garden Ideas

    August 10, 2010 by newhouseofart

    urban modular house boat architecture plan

    Stunning unique house boat architecture design concept with a modern rooftop home garden is perfect inspiration to build our dream house. This creative floating home architectural located in Oldenberg, Germany; this boat was called Silberfisch that means Silverfish and its creating alarge splash for its modern dexterity and unique shape form. The architects design company, Confused Direction, plainly determined not to waste any space. Hey, a modern house boat is not a home unless complete with proper roof deck and green garden environment. This amazing house boats design ideas have traditionally been an alternative compact lifestyle for those charismatically drawn to water bound lifestyle. These subcultures of boat dwellers either work in the fishing industry otherwise living on a budget have simply have created their humble boat a home. In reality more newly we are seeing custom designed boats becoming a permanent place for luxury house living. This completely innovative house boat with comfortable interior decorating and luxurious contemporary furniture that looks like a bit unusual than your typical houseboat so we explored it inside and out for a better understanding of this popular phenomenon. And now we are attractive you on a personal tour. We hope the owners don’t mind!

    minimalist house boat interior design

    Take a look at the modern house boat design pictures gallery shown below. The modern room interior decors arrangement equipped with tons of natural light and minimalist white color schemes keep an open feel to this compact space elegant design style. The beautiful natural view through these windows creates them such as architectural details and the wonderful accent color for the room! The house boat is anchored in place but the question remains whether the view of nothing but water can still make you still seasick. So what do you think about this unique house boat design idea? via

    luxury house boat modern kitchen

    houseboat detail living room furniture design

    house boat unique exterior design ideas

    house boat rooftop garden on deck

    house boat modern interior white color schemes

    house boat large windows bautiful views

    contemporary kitchen house boat interior architectural

  10. Luxury Asian Modern Nordic House Design Style Elegant Interior Touches

    August 8, 2010 by newhouseofart

    luxury asian home architecture design pictures

    One of modern contemporary Asian villa house design named “Villa Johansen” designed with elegant and luxury touches in the room interior and outdoor exterior decorating. The famous home architecture designer Willa Nordic show us amazing best sample functional and practical oriental house design combined with Asian serenity. Starting from the home green garden landscape which features a wonderful pond it took its idea from the Japanese and Chinese cultures. The black and white color facade gives the character to the residence. The house interior also features extraordinarily bright light colors with black and dark brown splashes. Even though there are various elements of comfort as inside as outside of it. Marble floors, decorative stones, generous glazing and stunning staircase create that achievable. Take a look at this Nordic Home architectural pictures gallery shown below. via

    modern home asian japanese style

    minimalist modern asian interior design

    elegant comfort dingin room interior

    black modern nordic house dining room

    asian inspired modern nordic home

    asian contemporary indoor furniture ideas