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  1. Retro Chic Kitchen Interior Design Cool Pink Color Themes

    August 8, 2010 by newhouseofart

    contemporary pink kitchen retro design

    Beautiful kitchen design ideas with retro and chic modern style designed by Julie Michiels and Iker Gil, architects at Mas Studio are very best for our inspiration to remodel or redesign our kitchen interior. Cool pink color themes contemporary kitchen that created for their 725-square-foot condo with Chicago River views. Approximately every element of this kitchen there is painted in the uniform cotton candy shade of pink and white. Even some kitchen appliances, together with a Bialetti espresso maker, stove, 60s-era General Electric fridge, are painted in this cute stylish color. Some house accessories such as oven mitts and salad tongs are also pink. The overall look of the lavish modern kitchen is pretty retro and elegant. If you would be bold enough to design your own kitchen in such style you absolutely surprise your guests. Here is it some best sample retro chic pink kitchen design pictures gallery. via

    cool kitchen appliance furniture design

    cute pink modern kitchen elegant design

  2. Golf Course Home Design Contemporary Open Floor Plan Ideas

    August 6, 2010 by newhouseofart

    creative open floor plan house architecture

    We presented modern club house interior and exterior design photos gallery. Named h_Home has a contemporary open floor plan architecture and minimalist simple forms and materials. This green landscape home plan designed by Ras-a on a golf course in southwestern Missouri. The comfortable house facade look is comprised of a series of ‘shed’ such as forms mimicking the creative structures of nearby farmland. Throughout the more extreme seasons of summer and winter, a geothermal system gives the additional heating and cooling. With the earth’s underground temperature, the system can condition the residence without burning fossil fuels otherwise emitting carbon dioxide. A passive solar energy design using the buildings orientation, operable clerestory windows, high efficient ceiling fans, and proper material choices, helps condition the home naturally in the spring and fall months.

    contemporary solar house system interior

    Great house interior design combine with wood elegant furniture make this house just like a dream home. Following the natural grade of the place, the floor level steps down at the luxury living room, further enhancing dramatic outlooks and light filled volume. An over sized modern sliding glass door spills this space out into a large pavilion design like patio blurring the distinction between indoor and outdoor. From the house gate entrance to the golf course it becomes more transparent. The main architecture building core, containing the entry, dining room, kitchen, and living area, is open and filled with large expanses of glass which bring the surrounding landscape inside. This room is covered through a butterfly roof with a continuous ribbon of clerestory windows, allowing diffused light to flood the interior. Very creative house design right? What do you think? via

    modern club house open plan design

    contemporary interior space elegant furniture

    modern kitchen interior architectural layout

    glass transparent house exterior

    golf course house comfortable living room

    minimalist white wall club house decor

  3. 15 Clean Luxury Kitchens Design Pictures by Pedini

    August 2, 2010 by newhouseofart

    stylish kitchens fancy design

    Today NewHouseOfArt.Com writer want to introduce best top minimalist and clean kitchen design ideas with luxury style presented on this pictures gallery. Designed by Pedini famous italian kitchen layout maker that has been in business since 1956 and flourishing, at par with companies such as Alessi and Gucci and boasting of being one of the first companies to set up the modern concept of modular kitchens. With its 5 core luxurious kitchen collections specifically Dune, Artika, Integra, Outline and Q2 Pedini is known for its signature “curve” approach. The company is in fact one of the few which produces beautiful kitchen designs working on convex and concave lines.

    smart artistic kitchens design

    If you are the kind that lives, eats and cooks in chic then Pedini has the right kitchen interior decorating solutions for you. It stands in line with the style kings and is continuously bringing amazing new to the table furniture. Pedini also indulges is creating your kitchen eco-friendly. Customizing kitchens as per the space and lifestyle of the customer, aesthetic value and the running capacity of the room, instilling innovative kitchen ideas while designing ever look and corner of the modern kitchen are some of the things you can expect when getting your kitchens done from these guys. Where are your dream kitchen design photos? via

    red kitchen designs interior

    orange yellow kitchen designs

    innovative black white kitchen ideas

    gorgeous kitchen designs layout

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    eco friendly futuristic kitchens

    eco friendly beautiful kitchens

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    creative kitchen range interior design

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    awesome modern kitchen designs

    beautiful white luxurious kitchens

  4. 20 Creative Stunning Side Table Modern Furniture Design

    August 2, 2010 by newhouseofart

    modern colorful side-table

    Top 20 modern stunning side table design shown on this pictures gallery is the most creative furniture designs ideas which exist and can be placed in any room of your house to make more storage space. Glass, wood, stainless steel, plastic and more unique materials we got them all. The contemporary side table furniture designs featured in this list contain the work of some of the best minds in the modern industry and not surprisingly they sport a beautiful balance of form and function. One of this table named “Stephane de Sousa’s” minimalist bedside wooden table has a waterproof surface, a book shelf and an innovative ‘bookmark’. Bed side tables of nowadays are not what they used to be. They are no more that dull little place where you keep an alarm clock or else glasses. They have evolved into artistic interior decorative pieces, able of standing on their own. Side table hunters, this one is for you! Hopefully it can be an inspiration to create your own table furniture which suit with your room interior architectural.

    modern clipping side table

    modern brown style side table

    minimalist side table light

    love beautiful side table

    letter unique side tables

    l shaped side table design

    innovative z shaped sidetable

    futuristic glass side table

    fancy modern side table

    curvy side table wood furniture

    creative minimalist side table

    creative funky side table

    contemporary cool side table

    bedroom interior unique side table

    bed side shelving wall mounted

    bed side shelf storage furniture

    artistic scandinavian bedside table

    side table magazine holder

    stunning side table furniture

  5. Spanish Modern Crystal Tower Interior Design Style by A-cero

    July 28, 2010 by newhouseofart

    unique chair furniture crystal tower interior

    Clean minimalist crystal tower room interior design ideas designed by A-cero are very modern and have beautiful style. The famous architecture studio that Joaquin Torres direct with his collaborating associate Rafael Llamzares, has completed the original phase (the first office) of the interior design structure building architectural  Torre de Cristal “Crystal Tower” of current construction in Madrid, Spain. The 52-floor tower has reshaped the skyline of Madrid City. The majority of the creative furniture was intended by A-cero. The walls decor and ceiling are covered in dark gray color schemes suede and the openings of light are left to make a dramatic effect and comfortable atmosphere. The simple lines of bright light continue onto the floor with spaces of white carpeting. The decorative conference room contains lines of white Panton unique chairs. This particular modern office design on the 50th floor contains the presidency offices of an important Spanish company. Here is it best sample crystal tower room interior pictures gallery. via

    pictures room interior crystal tower

    modern office crystal tower interior

    modern minimalist crystal tower design

    crystal tower window ceiling ideas

    crystal tower minimalist interior

    crystal tower meeting room design concept

    crystal tower interior modern chair office

    crystal tower design pictures acero

    contemporary crystal tower interior table furniture

  6. 2010 Decorative Wall Covering Room Interior Design by Graham & Brown

    July 28, 2010 by newhouseofart

    purple wall covering modern style

    New innovative 2010 most beautiful wall covering collection from Graham & Brown can be make beautiful your room interior design ideas which freshly presented at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York, United States of America (USA) last month. The creative interior designer Graham & Brown, the United Kingdom (UK) based innovator and manufacturer continues to push the envelope in showcasing the latest trends and decorative styles in house wallpaper and wall art. For this year 2010, Graham & Brown unveiled pretty cute designs from renowned designers Kelly Hoppen and Amy Butler. Amy Butler is a house interior arrangement designer known for her sophisticated yet relaxed modern minimalist idea approach to printed fabrics and products for luxury house, fashion and craft. With spirited colorful and confident combinations of print, Amy’s fresh point of view is apparent in all of the products she makes. Kelly Hoppen MBE is a world renowned designer that has pioneered a simple, up till now opulent chic which has permeated Interior Design at every level. Kelly’s fusion of Eastern & Western influence has won an ever expanding following. It can be also applied for your apartment. Here is it best sample wall covering and decor pictures gallery. via:

    new trends wall covering design ideas

    luxury wall covering decorative furniture

    innovative modern room wall decor

    contemporary room interior wall covering

    chich artistic wall decor ideas

    blue aqua elegant room wall decor

    best house wall covering design pictures

    beautiful minimalist flower wall covering

  7. Harmony Rosewood Mayakoba Mexican House Architecture Interior Design

    July 25, 2010 by newhouseofart

    mexico resorts rosewood mayakoba

    Stunning harmony house architecture design ideas of Rosewood Mayakoba is very beautiful located along a mile long strip of white Caribbean sand on the Riviera Maya and is the center of a 1,600 acre luxury modern resort enclave located south of Cancun and north of the seaside village of Playa del Carmen. After seeing this modern beach home interior design and exterior decorating you will know that you want to holiday or vacation. Once in a while NewHouseOfArt.Com pays homage to outstanding sustainable architecture and home interior arrangement architectural, and often we discover an ideal combination of these furniture elements is some of the most exotic luxury resorts around the world. The extraordinary indoor and outdoor house decoration is things that created this luxury resort 18th on Travel and Leisure’s list of “World Best Awards” last year. See this Rosewood Mayakoba pictures gallery. via

    modern resort hotels interior mexico

    mexican home design architecture

    luxury hotel resort vacation spots

    house vacation spots mexico

  8. Modern Creative Agency Workplaces Stunning Interior Design

    July 25, 2010 by newhouseofart

    unique original posters parliament collection

    If you are want to design a modern workplace for creative agency, here is it best inspiration room interior design ideas pictures gallery. NewHouseOfArt.Com will present daily interior decorating ideas just special for our readers. This isn’t to speak that we haven’t seen too some creative office room decor environments before. Talking about the Parliament agency’s office architecture design, we have got some photos of the place and want to say that we are pretty impressed and interesting! Beautiful contemporary workplace interior arrangement with chic, simple and clean style. It belongs to a bunch of peoples who believe ‘recycling is not old school’ and has inculcated the similar in their office space interiors layouts. If you see what they have created for the old junkyard that once was, you would be advertising them for free! For more information you can visit here:

    team workplace wall decor ideas

    stunning snooker table workoffice

    parliament office indoor stairs

    modern workplace desktop area

    modern parliament work space design

    innovative process execution room

    creative drawing room decor

    cool table work office furniture

    contemporary discussion room interior

    blackboard meeting room interior design

    beautiful arrrangement working area

  9. 14 Modern Eco-Friendly Kitchen Creative Design Ideas

    July 22, 2010 by newhouseofart

    ultra modern stainless steel kitchen layout

    These futuristic contemporary kitchen design concepts shown at this pictures gallery are sleek and minimalist design, so far livable for everyday use. Mostly in small houses or modern apartments, compact all in one kitchen sets can include the whole thing the occasional cook needs for daily meals: prep space, a cook surface, seating, and storage space. An explanation to sustainable kitchen interior decorating is using what you have previously got: water from drying dishes can water plants, food waste can feed them, and cool running water can help maintain a small refrigerator cold.

    ultra modern curved kitchen pictures

    NewHouseOfArt.Com presented some creative modern eco-friendly kitchen photos gallery to inspire you remodel or redesign your kitchen layout interior decor. There is an artistic style to packing as many functional kitchen furniture elements into a comfortable kitchen as potential, up till now retaining visual appeal and simplicity. Creatively clean simple kitchen designs keep each essential innovation component at a cook’s fingertips without too much clutter, mainly when those components fit cleverly into a compact modular kitchen or all-in-one system.  This ‘luxury flow kitchen’ does all of the above in a compact, earthy design which is eco-friendly and practical. So, give me your comment about that design idea!

    modular modern kitchen cabinet

    modern eco-friendly wooden kitchen island

    modern all in one kitchen table

    futuristic eco-friendly kitchen remodeling ideas

    fold out contemporary kitchen island

    compact all in one modular kitchen design

    colorful minimalist luxury kitchen

    black and white modern kitchen

    all in one computer futuristic kitchen set

  10. 10 Innovative Modern Electrical Home Accessories Ideas

    July 19, 2010 by newhouseofart

    unique swivel socket design

    If you want to buy electrical home accessories for your improve modern house interior design, may be this creative and innovative electrical furniture design pictures gallery can be an inspiration. There are some people like Burakov Denis that believe in drilling messages right into people’s head. The well-known “ON” switch is indeed a very considerate idea for most of us who forget to turn the lights off. Can be futuristic house design system right? An attractive concept for people fed up with extension chords. This one here is beautiful simple to use. Pinch the sides to open it, provide it a gentle tug and it springs back to its original position. Here are some nifty electrical modern homes accessories that could help you keep the wire mess in check and also surprise a few of your friends. Whether you are a gadget junkie or in a home full of them, you must have scratched your head looking at all those wires lying around or hanging from awkward places. Brilliant design interior concept!

    switch socket system pictures

    recoiling sockets home device

    multi tab functinal electrical furniture

    modern smart 3d pin plug

    innovative cell phone cradle

    futuristic white let outlet photos

    creative hangon outlet design

    black extension chord aceessories

    big clear switch distant view