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  1. Fun House Idea , Milan Hotel with Fairy Tale Interior

    March 21, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Stripe Vines Room Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Ideas

    Some time ago, we are making post about furniture Alice in wonderland, and in this day we want to show you fun house idea, make a living space such as in fairy tale. We got it from the luxury Italian Milan Hotel interior design. As many people know that Italy has forever been embraced for its multicultural activities, however what Milan City is most recognized for is fashion and design. You can take a look about this hotel decoration; it’s very unique and have amazing atmosphere. This luxurious hotel belonging to the styles of renowned Moschino, is almost certainly different with another hotel that you have seen before.

    Looking further such as a playful and fun house of fairy tales, this four story dream station named “Maison Moschino” is more than just a comfort hotel and more such as a surreal alternate reality. Every one of the hotel room design has a theme which indulges the mind with saturating your sight through sensual and illusory dream such as pictures and the most excellent part is they are the entire so unusual and fantastic! So except you are an ordinary people, you not at all be familiar with kind of experience you will find! From the wonderful glowing lamps furniture shaped in the form of a famous Moschino dress, to the cupcake pillows accessories, this hotel leaves nothing to the imagination but paints a vivid color one for you.

    I suggest to you, to visit this hotel whenever you are going to Italy, but I just don’t know how much it’s cost for one day…

    Romantic Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Furniture

    Pastry Chandelier Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Photos

    Modern Sculpture Room Milan Hotel Fairy Tale

    Modern Lobby Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Designs

    Milan Hotel Sexy Fairytale Decor Bedroom

    Luxury Milan Hote Fairy Tale Decorating

    Comfort Bedroom Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Decors

    Baked Pillows Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Design

    Antique Keys Milan Hotel Fairy Tale Decor

  2. Kerala House with Stunning Arabian Sea, Chowara

    March 19, 2011 by newhouseofart

    stunning kerala house natural view

    Well, this is one of my dream houses that may be yours too.  The stunning architecture design and natural views can be the focal point in this house. This very loveliness home is situated on a cliff overlooking the Arabian Sea at Chowara, Kerala and is the latest architectural design project work of Bangalore based architects Khosla Associates. And then, I called it “Kerala House”. Purpose for holiday home for a London based customer, the residence includes some decks for savoring the striking 180 degree panoramic ocean views which it is blessed with. This Kerala home interior seem basically traditional with the typical Kerala style design elements which you usually see around this part of the world but still are not totally without contemporary influences. Check this out some gorgeous photos gallery. via

    stunning house residence panorama

    outdoor dining space with beach view

    modern infinity pool overlooking sea

    modern cliff house kerala design

    luxury dream houses kerala

    internal open space architecture

    indoor water design ideas

    indoor tub open space contemporary design

    amazing house architecture on a cliff

  3. Bulgari Hotel Resort Design in Bali

    March 19, 2011 by newhouseofart

    stunning view beach pool resort bali

    When you are going to Indonesia, you should visit Bali. Why? Because this island have great beach views and stunning panorama that you can never forget. If you are looking for hotel in Bali, we had exhausted seeing every part of your scenic luxury hotel resources, there pops a different one! This named Bulgari Resort designed by Milan based architectural studio called Antonio Citterio and Partners. This luxurious resort in Bali characterizes a contemporary interpretation of a synthesis of perfect Italian design and traditional home living Balinese style. Perched on a 150m high cliff, the resort presents spectacular natural views of the Indian Ocean to all its 59 villas. Place too is a prime selling point here. Take a look at this pictures gallery, and click on the images to see the high-quality resolution.

    outdoor cool twin pools design

    modern hotel resort pool dusk idea

    luxury bali hotel resort architectures

    hotel resort elegant lounge bali

    glorious pool balinese hotel design

    awesome hotel resort bali relaxation spot

  4. 30 Contemporary Bathroom Interior Design

    March 17, 2011 by newhouseofart

    warm bathroom with glass ceiling

    We back again with this beautiful bathroom interior decorating ideas come from famous Italian company named Cesara. The new trends of contemporary bathroom design we shown at this best 30 sample pictures gallery. We love to share! We like to give you an inspiration! So, you can take a look and share your opinion about this bathroom idea. Many people know that contemporary or modern room themes that was previously limited to the living room and bedroom, is currently being carried to the bathroom additionally. This bathroom style has its own unique aura, and it is extremely hard to get the matching sense and approach with use of other styles of designs. The minimalist, fresh, clean and sleek line of contemporary design simply creates the bathroom warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    unique interior bathroom towel holder

    Here, our opinion about the contemporary bathroom design element that we explain in the short description:

    stunning bathroom interior decorating ideas

    Minimalist clean and straight silhouettes: Contemporary room interior design usually deals with minimalist, simple, and clean silhouettes. So, the contemporary bathroom requirements must have to use characteristic straight, fresh and neat line. Whether it is the bathroom cabinets and furniture, the bath fittings otherwise the bathroom vanity, the silhouettes have to be minimalistic, unsophisticated and functional.

    opulence black contemporary bathroom

    Lighting Decoration: The core of a contemporary bathroom interior might be simply painted with the proper use of unique lighting decoration. The ideal lighting in a bathroom following contemporary theme should be bright. Why is it must have bright lighting? This is the reason, because bright and crispy lights easily provide way to modern sleek and fresh appearance. If dimmer light is a necessity in your bathroom, then you might think to install accent lights on the bathroom wall. On the other hand, find the bathroom planned in such a way which the lighting is focused away from shower area and the bathtub furniture.

    modern sleek white bathroom

    Bathroom Furniture: The contemporary bathroom furniture and fittings is recognized to play a crucial role in the interior design.  One piece minimalist toilets, plain and sleek shaped tubs, and additional creative bathing accessories and fixtures in mixture of materials, featuring metallic finish and in subtle and cozy shades are some popular elements of contemporary bathroom design. Do you agree with us?

    modern bathroom faucet mirror

    Bathroom Color Schemes: The perfect contemporary bathroom color schemes are should be a combine of neutrals with bold colors. To make a comfortable spa like feel, select colors such as bright ivory, aqua, purple and silver. What about black white color? We think that white and black color palette by splashes of bright color like lemon yellow, hot pink; grass green is also an ordinary color scheme in contemporary interior bathrooms.   The various other color options you might choose are grey, white, red and black; ivory, tan and chocolate brown; yellow, red, ivory and purple. It’s depend on your way to design and make a style on your bathroom.

    minimalist white bathroom with unique bathtub

    Bathroom Interior Decorations: As you know that the contemporary bathroom decoration to be used in should be very minimalistic style. Additionally, it supposed to also be in alignment with the color scheme. Moreover make certain that decorative items are in single color and material. Don’t forget to blend with any bathroom fixtures.

    luxury bathroom lighting ideas

    luxury bathroom design unique floor tile

    luxury bathroom decoration ideas

    innovative bathroom shelf designs

    green white bathroom natural design

    gorgeous red white bathroom interios

    fancy bathroom seating furniture set

    exquisite bathrooms interior furniture

    elegant bathroom wash basins

    deluxe bathroom cactus plant

    decorative bathroom accent wall

    cute girls bathroom design photos

    contemporary bathroom furniture designs

    comfortable bathroom wall art picture

    colorful bathroom elegant design style

    clean bathroom artistic wall designs

    chic biege contemporary bathroom ideas

    blue biege bathroom decor style

    black white bathroom interior color

    beautiful bathroom interior color schemes

    bathroom with personal touch indoor pool

    bathroom rug chair furniture

    bathroom pantone chair design

    Well, this is our latest inspiration about contemporary bathroom idea, We hope you love this design.

  5. Retro Modern Bathroom Classic Shapes Edge

    March 14, 2011 by newhouseofart

    art deco bathroom bathtub design furniture

    For this year, Jaime Hayon, as the well-know Spanish designer that live at Barcelona designed a retro modern bathroom idea for mosaic company Bisazza. If you ask to me about this bathroom style, I think this is a wonderful art deco design that can be great inspiration to remodel your old bathroom. This 2011 bathroom collection has classic shapes and truly contemporary edge design. The various products includes such as minimalist toilets, sinks, unique bathtubs, faucets, shower enclosures, luxury mirrors, lamps, storage space units and bathroom accessories characterized with their slim silhouettes, with an ultra modern twist. The designer said that this collection recalls the glamour style of the 1930s, with a Scandinavian feel and feminine appearances. This elegant and iconic era comes to life in the cut diamond sinks; a rich color palette schemes of black and white, also gold and platinum; and deluxe materials such as ceramic and marble, chromed steel and aluminum copper finish. We provide you sample pictures gallery for reference, and may be you want visit Bisazza to get more information.

    white art deco bathroom deluxe furniture

    ultra modern bathroom faucet design

    natural art deco bathroom style

    minimalist art deco bathroom ideas

    elegant sinks art deco bathroom design

    contemporary art deco bathroom edge design

    black white art deco bathroom design

    art deco bathroom luxury mirror

  6. Adjustable Patio Furniture: Circular Patio Umbrella

    March 14, 2011 by newhouseofart

    modern patio umberella design idea

    Do you ever hear before about this unusual patio furniture design called Circular Patio Umbrella? Umbrosa as famous furniture manufacturer designed that idea for us. It’s very to be true creative, an extraordinary freestanding section of modern outdoor patio furniture, the Eclipse umbrella has a moon-like spherical exterior outstanding to the large disc at its head that present ample shade for everyone sitting or get relaxing under it.  This kind of outdoor seating furniture comes through a base and supporting pole, overall reaching 300 centimeters in height, while it is height adjustable system.

    The Eclipse furniture collection comes in 3 versions such as Premium, Limited Edition and Shadow, every one of which offer a degree of protection against the sun’s rays – in fact the Premium model prevents up to 97% of UV rays from reaching the skin. Each and every one can be hand washed at 40 degrees. Every element of the collection is offered in a range of minimalist colors, with Premium in red, terra otherwise taupe, for the production it is Limited Edition in lagoon, olive or orange; and Shadow in Nero, alba (grayish white) otherwise stone Grey. The materials differ depending on the version such as shadow is created from PVC, Limited Edition is in made from acrylic and Premium is fabricated from 100 % Olefin, a man-made fiber. The Circular Patio Umbrella shade arrangement moves around a full 360 degrees, whereas the shade itself able to be removed and stored unconnectedly when not in use. So, what are you waiting for? Get it now!

    creative patio umberella outdoor furniture

    umbrosa patio umbrella eclipse design

  7. Complex Dental Clinic Residence at Suburbs Nagano, Japan

    March 13, 2011 by newhouseofart

    ultra modern dental clinic facade

    The next architecture project that featured from Hiroki Tanabe is the modern building called “Minami-Nagano” dental clinic and residence which has a complex design located in the suburbs of Nagano, Japan surrounded by a farm village which is within rice fields and peach orchards. If you want the previous post about small cafe house, you can hit that links. This clinic design has concrete plate, 300 millimeters thick forms the zigzag arrangement that is included of 3 shells and 2 innovative open courtyards. Every one of the personality shell is used for special purposes like a residence, clinic room and waiting lounge room. Within the courtyards, 3 modern glass boxes are set and used as pathways and entry halls connecting 2 adjacent shells. The glass gives transparency during the space; people passing with the complex able to look the sun otherwise rain falling above their head. It’s truly impressive!

    side glass window dental clinic residence design

    In this area of Japan where the Minami-Nagano dental clinic construction is located, urban planning laws necessitate which newly-built houses must incorporate public functions. The some point that is attractive is that the constructing a space exclusively as an individual residence is not allowable, and so the one-piece geometric unit fulfills this task. The 3 shells use post-tensioned cable in their slabs, need no columns otherwise beams and have a functional life span of more than 200 years. The comfortable dental clinic interior design layout is built with timber material and light-gauge steel and able to be remodeled lacking of structural constraints. The residence open concept and floor to ceiling glass windows present a stunning natural view of the beautiful farm village that is also meant to peaceful patient’s anxiety. Both house and clinic interior and exteriors are painted white color schemes to combine in with the plaster walls of the neighboring traditional oases. Throughout the evening day, natural indoor lighting overflows from three glass openings (height 2.6m, width 10m and 3.3m) through emit soft lights with low color temperature of incandescent contemporary lamps furniture.

    All images presented by Takeshi Noguchi

    room interior dental clinic residence

    profile view minami-nagano dental clinic design

    pathways between shells minimalist design

    one of two courtyards modern dental clinic design

    minimalist dental clinic residence dining room

    minami-nagano dental clinic residence design

    japanese white dental clinic residence exterior

    innovative dental clinic residence architectures

    design dental clinic residence nigt view

    dental clinic shell used residence

    comfort dental clinic residence interior decorating

    clean bathroom dental clinic residence ideas

    behind building dental clinic residence view

    beautiful natural dental clinic residence landscape

    architecture dental clinic residence plan

  8. Small Cafe House U Shape Design Idea

    March 13, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Simple North Side Small Cafe House Design

    What a cool small house design by well-known Japanese architect Hiroki Tanabe. I love and like the way this home design looks like. Simple have minimalist interior, this small cafe house built on 62 sqm with a two-story complex that has an elongated U shape architecture layout. You can see at the first floor there is a blue white kitchen decoration color and the cafe doubling as living room. The second floor houses a bedroom and bathroom. Detailed available in this images gallery below! Did you interesting about this unique cafe ideas?

    Unique House Divided into Four Project

    Modern Small Cafe House Sketch Pictures

    Minimalist Kitchen Small House Cafe

    Living Terrace Small House Cafe Designs

    Innovative South Side Small Cafe House

    Elegant Bedroom Japanese Small Home Cafe

    Architecture Small Cafe House Bird's Eye View

    Architectural Plan Small House Cafe

    Japanese Corridor or Hallway Small House Cafe

  9. Ultra Modern Tower: “Meier on Rothschild” Israel

    March 13, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Wonderful Tower Facade Design

    Amazing and brilliant architecture design idea! This ultra modern tower called “Meier on Rothschild” is a wonderful project that is a mixed-use suburban, retail and office facility which can be found in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel planned by famous American architect named Richard Meier. I am very interesting with this tower because it’s have great and strong structure. The fundamental building considerations which is the innovative shape the tower schemes are using the high-quality of light interacting through the plan, its stunning views to the ocean, and its  relationships with the existing fabric of Rothschild boulevard.

    Wonderful Tower Transparent Glass Exterior

    The Meier on Rothschild tower foundation will contain a modern lobby, retail space and comfortable lounge with spa on the second floor. In the meantime, a small open plaza in front of the tower will let consumers to simply access the shaded area of the Rothschild Boulevard. The creative retail arrangement is planned to regenerate the vitality missing from its unusual construction design. The passage will have prominent entrances which serves both Allenby and Yavne Street. The Yavne street entrance design will also accommodate the entrance to the five thousand square meter office structure above. This great mixture of the tower and lower commercial building design will give to the continuing economic growth of Tel Aviv city. We get some pictures gallery about tower facade and other element shown on this pictures gallery:

    Amazing Tower Architecture Design

  10. 5 Modern Coffee Table Furniture Collection

    March 11, 2011 by newhouseofart

    Huelsta Wood Coffee Table CT 100 Furniture

    Coffee table! Yes, this kind of living room furniture is truly essential to enhance your room interior design ideas. So, we want to share to you best 5 coffee table furniture collection that we discover from the various website on the internet. Hopefully, you can get inspiration to find your great coffee table for modern contemporary home furnishing in your house.

    Contemporary Wooden Coffee Table with Swing-out Glass Top

    First, we start from this Huelsta table furniture collection called “CT 100″. This kind of coffee table designed with swing out at glass top to bring unique line and absolutely very creative design! Gorgeous coffee table possibly will become a wonderful centerpiece of a living room interior. Then, CT 100 is a wood coffee table that is presented famous producer of modern furniture named Huelsta. Its main feature is swing-out top glass section, which creates this coffee table also useful and comfortable part of a space. Thanks to the innovative design this table could add an original feel to every living room. The wooden top is created walnut material and completely combines with metal legs. You can visit Huelsta to know more information regarding this coffee table product.

    Huelsta Wood Coffee Table Swing Top Design

    Huelsta Wood Coffee Table Modern Living Room

    Charm Coffee Table Modern Design by Charlie Davidson

    New Awesome Coffee Table Design

    The second coffee table design come from famous furniture designer Charlie Davidson, whch is presented to us cool coffee table at alone Internationale del mobile 2010 in Milan. These modern glass top coffee tables know how to enjoyably surprise and charm every fan of fresh design. If you love trendy and stylish furniture with extraordinary design then you will absolutely locate the place for this coffee table in your house. This overwhelming coffee table might enrich any modern room living room design and add the creative and chic touch to it. The attractive laser cut and welded base seems extremely eye-catching and awesome.

    New Cool Coffee Table Furniture Ideas

    Minimalist Coffee Table with Two Separate Tops

    Ant Table Functional Coffee Table Furniture

    The Third, we love this simple coffee table furniture designed by Oliver Nikolic. Called “Ant Table” is a one more contemporary taking on the coffee table design ideas! This is seem pretty minimalist yet is actually functional. The unusual coffee table is created from easy materials such as wood and glass, and has 2 separated tops. Thanks to that it’s fairly long and even 2 people seating on opposite sides of a comfortable sofa can use it calm. If you want the idea you almost certainly able to try to creates something like it by yourself otherwise to buy one and paint it to match your living room interior. Find this coffee table from this site.

    Ant Table Simple Coffee Table Design

    Innovative Adjustable Coffee Table Design

    Stylish Adjustable Coffee Table Romeo Design

    The fourth furniture is about stylish and adjustable coffee table designed by famous Italian designer company named Bontempi Casa. This kind of home table furnishing has modern and innovative style. If you are going to provide your apartment living room in fashionable approach then you surely should to check out its coffee table production. It for all time tries to reflect the mainly contemporary trends in its products and make actually classy furniture. One of such sample is a new product concerning modern coffee table named “Romeo” offered on Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2009 in Milan. Romeo is a low coffee table with X-shaped steel base and glass top design. As table legs as top are available in more than a few colors, but certainly in black color themes it is the most very luxury. The most excellent feature of this glass coffee table is the possibility to transform or adjust. Thanks to adjustable table legs you might select table height between 23 cm and 75 cm. Glass top also able to be extended and Romeo will turn into a creative dinner table in your dining room. It is impracticable not to have the same opinion that it is very elegant.

    Unique Adjustable Coffee Table Dinning Room Interior

    High Quality Multifunctional Coffee Tables and Poufs

    Colorful Multifunctional Coffee Table Design

    The last coffee table furniture collection that we want to introduce to you is “Rondo” designed by Valdichienti. You should take some attention to these stylish and cool coffee table ideas. The high quality furniture manufacturing and smart product designs create an outstanding reputation to designer and put it on the equal level with the best world furniture producers. Valdichient is specializes in designing and manufacturing luxury sofas, modern armchairs, beds and other functional furniture for living room otherwise bedroom interior. Sseveral of such practical and efficient elements of furniture are offered in the innovative fascinating collection called Rondo. Coffee table products of this collection are multifunctional and might be used in a lot of ways like as coffee table, as chair, as ottoman, as pouf, as nightstand and so on. Rondo also is hollow and might also turn into an extremely useful storage space design. One of the interesting thing is they are covered with soft leather available in colorful style. You able to select between beatiful calming light colors and bright saturated ones, however in every color this coffee table or pouf will be a chic decoration of every modern space.

    Trendy Multifunctional Coffee Table Ideas

    Comfortable Multifunctional Coffee Table Furniture