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  1. 11 Beautiful Dream House Renderings Design Pictures Gallery

    July 17, 2010 by newhouseofart

    unique house in woods

    Most of the beautiful dream house living architecture design ideas photos gallery shown below are in the midst of dreamy fairy tale environments that add a bit of drama to each visual. Amazing modern contemporary home renderings pictures that can very inspirational. NewHouseOfArt.Com feature a set of spectacular renders house architectural project model which showcase the brilliance that exist in this industry  because we all know the level of details that CG artists are able to achieve today with sophisticated 3D software’s and renderers. Just visit our website to get more daily home interior and exterior design pictures. via

    stunning house lawn render

    natural house river architecture

    modern house hill architectural

    innovative shape house with lights

    house redvertex design models

    house creepers architecture design

    dream house unreal idea

    contemporary natural house in forest

    beautiful house flowers exterior

    amazing house renderings picture

  2. Charming Rustic Cottage House Style Interior Design

    December 20, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Cottage style restaurant interior design

    In this special day, NewHouseOfArt present the cool fairy tale contemporary cottage house decorating themes with minimalist style pictures gallery for your inspiration. This charming rustic cottage home idea looks like on fairy tale storybooks. Cottage house design is done with an instinctive eye-catching, the bare essentials, and a cozy living room decor inviting charm that captures the spirit of creating a dream house a home living.

    Cottage style interiors wicker furniture

    Traditional cottage houses remain faithful to the abundance of wood floor plans to the walls and ceilings. And sometimes, the wood is painted white color schemes to a brighter perspective interior design. Most contemporary cottage houses use within and outside to offer a stronger and more temperate foundation. And home furniture is almost always old and unfinished, also of wood or wicker. I recognize is once you lay your eyes on these rooms, you might want to start looking in Grandma’s attic for sweet finds that will right away furnish your house some character!

    Cottage style interiors orange sofa furniture

    Cottage interiors canopy bed

    Cottage interiors antique bed design

    Contemporary cottage style interiors old tool shed

    Cottage home interiors dining table

    Cottage home interiors stone fireplace

    Cottage home interiors stucco kitchen

    Cottage house interiors stone walls canopy bed


  3. Ultra Luxury 2 Story Modern Penthouse Interior Design Expensive Price

    October 20, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Stunning Penthouse Dream Home Architectures

    What do you think about this ultra luxury two story penthouse design pictures gallery shown below? This is most expensive price dream house decorating available for $305 Million. Contemporary home design idea which has just been snapped up with an unnamed Arab Sheik located in Monaco, incorporates a full height modern library interior, infinity outdoor swimming pool, secure panic room clean minimalist interior through surveillance cameras, fun comfortable cinema room decors and all other conceivable symbol of lavishness. The beautiful 8 images penthouse interior and exterior is absolutely stunning views of Mediterranean houses. Designed by famous London Company Candy and Candy that have been taking the design world by storm, this luxurious house have dramatic indoor stairway leading into this romantic gallery features exquisite decorative lighting design, gorgeous surrounding sculptures and ornamental plants. You can also see metallic coffer ceiling that is reflected by 2 crystal chandeliers furniture design that seem to get the cake in this lavish dining room suite. The neutral master bedroom interior is slightly more contemporary than the rest of the estate. This house must be the matching master bathroom suite where the Sexta pendant unique lamp furniture compliments the chaise and interior architectural details. The English home green garden effect in this dreamy veranda comes complete with a fancy swing that is long enough to nap on. The double mirrors make a wonderful illusion of a panoramic seascape from this cozy home office niche. More information visit:

    Penthouse Modern Home Library Elegant Design

    Penthouse Luxury Dining Room Decor

    Penthouse Expensive Contemporary Bed Furniture

    Beautiful Penthouse Luxury Home Landing Room

    Gorgeous Penthouse Comfortable Bedroom Decorating

    Luxury Bedroom Interior Penthouse Design Ideas

    Minimalist Penthouse Study Room Interior

  4. Contemporary Clovelly House Sustainable Residential Soberness, Sydney Australia

    October 14, 2010 by newhouseofart

    Stunning Clovelly House Design Australia

    Today, we will give you 20 houses indoor and outdoor decorating idea pictures gallery for inspiration about contemporary Clovelly House arcgitecture design designed by Tzannes Associates that is located in modern city Sydney, Australia surrounded by a natural cliff setting. will give credit for the photographers Steve Back that present us this beautiful Residential Soberness elegant dream house design pictures. Gorgeous house which manages to impress due to its elegance and soberness is one of best dream house design ideas in the world. The Clovelly House residence forms an L-shape to make a protected enclave and to maximize solar access, natural ventilation and characteristic as well as utilizing energy efficiency by including three water tanks, reverse brick veneer walls, sun control louvers and shutters, natural ventilation, hot water solar panels and photo-voltaic cells. Aside from its extraordinary sustainable house features, I have to speak I were pleasantly surprised by this residences room interior design, a true display of style and contemporary living space at its superlative. Timber is there in almost each room, making unique contrasts and various amazing lighting visual effects. Here is it enjoy sample images gallery and get your own dream house design! via

    Trendy Wooden Clovelly House Kitchen Decor

    Modern Kitchen Cabinet Clovelly House

    Minimalist Clovelly House Dining Room Interior

    Home Office Interior Clovelly House Idea

    Gorgeous Clovelly House Minimalist Bathroom

    Fashionable Clovelly House Interior Design Layout

    Contemporary Staircase Clovelly House Innovative Design

    Comfortable Clovelly House Bedroom Decor

    Comfort Luxury Clovelly House Master Bedroom

    Clovelly House Modern House Facade

    Clovelly House Loft Indoor Modern Residence Architectural

    Clovelly House Exterior Design Pictures

    Clovelly House Elegant Sofa Living Room Furniture

    Clovelly House Elegance Outdoor Space Design

    Clovelly House Corridor Landscape Natural Views

    Clovelly House Contemporary Outdoor Swimming Pool

    Clean Clovelly House Dining Room Interior

    Black Clovelly House Color Architecture

    Beautiful Clovelly House Outdoor Decorating

  5. Modern Patio House Design With Bright Exterior Yellow Facade Architecture

    June 9, 2010 by newhouseofart

    patio villa manor house facade

    First time when I look at this modern patio house design pictures gallery, this bright yellow color schemes architecture design is very sustainable. Designed by VMX Architects, S-House has minimalist and luxury interior decorating ideas. Located in one of the island of IJburg, this is a luxurious residence perfect as house living. In the dream house architectural design two classical typologies are combined such as the modern patio villa and the manor home, or domes. Horizontally the residence has been separated in 3 parts. The house ground floor is intended as a basement, with the creative entrance to the home, the beautiful home storage space, and a large play and hobby room adjoining the house green garden. The contemporary patio with the minimalist kitchen cabinet is an open space on the first floor. The living room with artistic interior and family room, or lounge with a beautiful natural view of the garden and the street, is situated above the kitchen. The top floor of the home is reserved for the master bedrooms and bathroom. The facades of the S-House are clad in bright yellow and white color schemes tiles that clearly set the house apart from all other houses in the same row. For more information, visit the ome architecture designer website. -via-

    sustainable modern patio house interior decor

    yellow modern patio house door

    patio house modern dining room design

    patio house exterior architectural

    minimalist patio house interior picture

    luxury patio house interior layout

    modern patio house playful design idea

  6. Modern Urban House Plan Mexico City Innovation

    October 10, 2009 by newhouseofart

    modern urban house living room design

    This is best photos of modern and minimalist urban house design pictures from Mexico City. This is beautiful urban house design with elegant and contemporary design. Such as some homes in that area is extremely linked to the outer room and has fantastic landscape about it. The whole first floor has a make contact through the gardens approximately the house. Mixture of limestone, glass and steel are used to offer a physically powerful houses and smooth modern minimalist appear. Neutral colors and materials and high-tech lighting scheme inside the house hold up in difference to the sight and put in a number of stylishness. These have asymmetrical shapes special answer to the landscape. This town home is placed in Mexico City and was designed by Gomez Crespo Arquitectos. This is perfect urban home design ideas to make your dream house.

    modern urban house interior design mexico

    modern urban house design mexico

    modern urban house design exterior

    minimalist modern urban house plans

    contemporary urban house design

    contemporary  kitchen interior urban house design