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Simple Color Palette Apartment Crib Practical Design Idea, i29 Interior Architects

December 29, 2010 by newhouseofart

Black Leather Sofa Apartment Crib Furniture

In Amsterdam – Netherlands, famous architecture design firm named i29 Interior Architects completed the modern apartment crib architectural design not long ago. The ingenious crib interior decorating idea advantages of such a design are many. With common contemporary cabinet furniture, almost people never know where things are and keep opening all the doors before finding what they were looking for. This creative house crib design idea can be applied to approximately every room, as innovative storage space is needed in the entire house. In this condition, it is easy and simple to have a look inside and find things a lot faster. The small design openings also help with the grabbing. Furthermore, this unique special cabinet is very aesthetic style, bringing a plus of originality to an apartment interior. With a simple color palette schemes, featuring wooden finishes and modern white furniture, this house cribs is really charming. One of the focal points is a cool semi-open cabinet featured in the photos below. Here is an ingenious and very practical idea for a contemporary crib pictures gallery. More information visit here

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