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Small Lot Home Design Contemporary Big Yard and Car Garage Idea

January 21, 2011 by newhouseofart

two levels house small lot big yard

The luxury Lakes Residence is about 3,500 square feet house which occupied a relatively small lot architectures idea of concerning 65? x 125?. This is an innovative house with 4 car garage designed by Architecton that purpose for a single family of four members. The contemporary home has two levels with a footprint of about 25? x 55?. When inspires climate north of the main house living room and large southern open sliding glass walls to the home interior decorating and true comfort outdoors with comfortable outdoor furniture and enjoy the inherent evaporative cooling of the lake and pool. There is also an over pack that emerges from the earth and ends as an indirect light fixture which is illuminates the great hall house and entrance design. This container is opaque in the east and west and gives a roof overhang depth in the south. Its form is very simple and minimalist, but that has all areas of life that are necessary and four modern car garage design. A portion of the house is covered with the CPU, while others are covered with different materials such as bamboo and translucent. So what do you think about this dream house living idea? If it is for sale, do you want to buy?

unique house with big yard ideas

lake residence outdoor pool design

dining room living room interior open plan design

big yard house architecture design

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