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Small Modern Balcony Sweet Furniture Design

November 3, 2011 by newhouseofart

tim kerp balcony furniture idea

Do you dream of staying inside a capsule like what you can see on futuristic movies? That fantasy can actually come true with the brilliant innovation from Tim Kerp, in a form of modern balcony furniture.

For some, the balcony is a part of the house that is less visited and is perceived to be less of importance, but the Sight that is modern balcony furniture can change the fate of your less-liked balcony. The furniture that appears like a capsule will bring a different look and appeal to your balcony.

unique balcony furniture design

The Sight has a spherical structure and a “window tunnel” that projects to make sure that your favorite view is focused. The view will be captured through the window tunnel, for that emphasized vision of the place without the obstruction of the surrounding objects.

simple minimalist balcony furniture

The furniture is made of unique weave that permits air passage for the comfortable coolness, while you’re inside its shade enjoying the beautiful scene. There is also enough light inside the structure for that feeling of freedom.

creative balcony furniture

cool balcony furniture design

comfortable balcony furniture design

Inside the Sight are comfortable soft pillows that will accommodate you like a hospitable friend. Though this furniture appears to be small, it has a lot to offer when it comes to functionality and comfort. It won’t also take much of your balcony space, and that adds up to its appeal.

The structure is supported by flexible metallic frame that you can flex and adjust based on your desired position. The Sight is a unique seat that comes in modern and artistic design.

If you’re looking for something unique as an addition to your collection of furniture, you can never go wrong with this creation from Tim Kerp. This furniture will bring comfort and style. I will say that there’s nothing you can ask for except for someone to share it with.

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