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Solar Mobile Home Design Glastonbury from Orange

October 14, 2009 by newhouseofart

solar mobile home design ideas

New innovation of mobile home design called Solar Mobile Home Design Glastonbury from Orange. Ultra modern of home designs concept idea for a person who loves hiking. English mobile operator Orange has newly offered their apparition for the tent of the future. Well yet it was just tent it might be obtained at slightest for a stylish exterior. This wonder tent completed from photovoltaic fabric able of storing solar energy. Then, through the aid of this solar energy you might charge mobile devices just place them in an extraordinary bag. The tent is prepared through LCD screen as well. Also it is extremely suitable to look for a tent in the dark or in a big tent camp. You just require activating it by sms / RFID technology and a tent resolve light up through a soft yellow light. This is the sample pictures of solar mobile photos about Glastonbury Solar Tent from Orange.

solar mobile home  ideas for camping

modern mobile home design concept

solar panel mobile home designs

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