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Sophisticated Vineyard Villa Design, Portugal

March 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

Awesome Vineyard Villa Home Aerial Design

Modern vineyard villa architecture design pictures gallery shown below is one of the most amazing architectural building project plans called L’AND project which can be found in Portugal. If you are the type of people that fancies owning a vineyard and brewing your own product of wine, this is the perfect place for you. This L’AND project design targets the kind of elegant gentlemen that may envy Russell Crowe in the great movie titled “A Good Year”. The sophisticated vineyard villa design project that is still under construction is a most important undertaking that includes five different famous architectural firms from across Europe. The interior designer and architects have been briefed to present a classy natural experience for the inhabitants by modern chic of architecture which reinterprets contemporary Mediterranean patio homes. The stunning villa interiors too reflect this fresh feel and deviate extremely much from the typical rustic charm home living you usually associate with vineyards and villas. The architecture designer have presented several overwhelming photos of the villa designs. Here is it…

Modern Balcony Vineyard Villa View

Modern Vineyard Villa House Exterior Decor

Miniamlist Vineyard Villa Kitchen Courtyard

Luxury Vineyard Villa Outdoor Swimming Pool Night View

Elegant Vineyard Villa Living Room Interior

Cool House Pool Vineyard Villa Design

Dining Cum Kitchen Vineyard Villa Furniture

Contemporary Vineyard Villa Interior Decorating Ideas

Comfortable Reading Room Corner Vineyard Villa

Beautiful Garden Vineyard Villa Outdoor Furniture

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