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Spacious Sun Lounger Design, Unusual Storage Space Basket by Tectona

January 2, 2011 by newhouseofart

Comfortable Unusual Sun Lounger Contemporary Design

For this year, new creative outdoor modern house furniture design collection by Tectona, Nendo as a famous Japanese designer is designing the Fatback Sunlounger. This is truly comfortable sun lounger furniture ideas which have contemporary style. It features a seat and footrest natural elements. That footrest can also act as an innovative small side table design. You can put all mattress and pillows there because it is created from woven resin and features a pretty spacious storage space basket which also serves as a cool back for a pillow. It does not look much such as other sun loungers out there thanks to unusual proportions. Check this sample Fatback Sunlounger furniture product pictures gallery. Tectona

Outdoor Swimming Pool Furniture Fatback Sunlounger Design

Wooden Sun Lounger Innovative Design

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