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Spectacular Modern Terminus Hotel Restaurant Architecture Design

March 14, 2010 by newhouseofart

amazing hotel terminus restaurant top view

First time I see this modern hotel architecture design, I think this is absolutely spectacular and amazing building design ideas. The hotel called Terminus, ultra modern and comfortable place for holiday or just has taken an eating. In the hotel interior design there is minimalist interior decorating design which is combine with luxury furniture such as bed, chairs and tables that designed with creative styles. The Grand Terminus Hotel additional room is a plan about relation and contextualization. The future innovative construction is placed just next to an existing building that is characterized as a Heritage structure in the city or Bergen, Norway. The plan of the new scheme is shaped by 3 factors. First, the relation with the existing construction. Second are the solar exposure, and the highest point towards Kong Oscars gate. The triangulated shape offers an attractive interior room for each room while establishing an intimate relation with the existing small house designs in the surroundings. Here is it best sample modern hotel Terminus architectural design pictures gallery. -via-

exterior design hotel terminus design

hotel terminus project design pictures

luxury interior hotel terminus decorating design

modern minimalist hotel terminus interior design

spectacular building hotel terminus architecture design

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