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Sustainability Exhibition Center Concept by ART+COM

September 9, 2011 by newhouseofart

sustainability waves screen idea

Looking at the exhibition space interior design pictures gallery here is make me feel such as I am in future time. The cool and futuristic interior design of Exhibition Center Marrying Digital Media & Sustainability is able to give you a new experience of living in ultra modern house. Designed by ART+COM (a famous studio and group of creative designer which is specializing in manipulative rooms with innovative media), this is a new conceptual idea of sustainability for the usual individual by means of a concrete digital media exhibition situated at Autostadt, Volkswagen’s communications platform in Wolfsburg, Denmark.

sustainability touch screen diagram

When a guest navigates the “Level Green: The Concept of Sustainability” display, they able to study regarding climate change and its consequences, the substance of sustainability to the planet’s economic and social health, and Volkswagen’s definite advance to the idea. J. Mayer H. planned the center through its twenty five media exhibits, every part of that allocate guests to aggressively engage in learning not just concerning the conception, but how they are able to apply it themselves and realize it into their own lives.

sustainability strange diorama cool design

sustainability mesh architecture design

The information sculptures allow visitors to imagine and match up to the specifics and figures more simply. Interactive media walls give details essential themes and give confidence communication with playful entrance to data by touching. The installations even foster a private relationship to the subject with prompting guests to return on their own lifestyles. I think these photos present amazing fodder for futuristic way enthusiasts. Leave your opinion by drop a comment.

sustainability screen at display room

sustainability green space display

sustainability green future digital lifestyle

sustainability futuristic circle diagram

sustainability future laptops

sustainability diagram room design

sustainability circular ultra modern diagram

sustainability black innovative diagram

sustainability black digital design

sustainability black and green monitors

sustainability balck and green diagram

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