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Swedish Family House Neutral Interior Decoration

April 20, 2011 by newhouseofart

white grey family house living room

You will be interesting about this stunning Swedish home design. The modern Swedish house interior combines perfectly with perfect furniture selection which can create comfortable and airy atmosphere. So, you can imagine, how the feel is if we are living on such this dream home. NewHouseOfAart.Com brings to you one more which lie in the heart of the Swedish neighborhood Kungsladugard. This modern apartment has been renovated many times that allows it to have a narration that is revealed with a variety of layers of finishes. The house renovations still maintained its connection to its 1920?s roots while it was planned by Arvid Fuhre in the style of Governor House. I think it is beautiful Swedish apartment decoration that can give us best inspiration to renovate our homes.

tree wall feature natural mood

As the usual Swedish home design, this apartment is using a neutral base and then adding onto this contemporary detailing like the furnishings and decorative wall coverings is obviously exposed all through the apartment house. This Swedish house was formerly planned purpose to provide accommodation big families nevertheless it does this with no being too ostentatious otherwise awesome. The generally effect is of a light and airy room that you might simply see yourself occupying.

This modern Swedish apartment property listing site Stadshem explains the every room decoration as provided in this following part:

Swedish House – Living Room Interior

The comfortable apartment living room renovation has an elegant, yet easy-furnished floor plan. In this part you are able to simply place a sofa, TV stand, bookcase, and more furniture idea without losing the mood of spaciousness. The orientation of the Swedish house creates the space fill with afternoon and evening sun. One of the apartment wall designs are adorned by a birch-patterned wallpaper from Cole and Son.

Swedish Apartment Parents Bedroom or Master Bedroom

The decoration of these Swedish apartment inner halls you are able to reach the apartment-sized comfy master bedroom. It suites simply one full bed furniture and nearness to the enclosed home courtyard that is enable one to sleep by open windows with no being disturbed. The house room interior, previously the modern kitchen in a small house and the existing curve pantry currently serves as a charming linen minimalist closet. Furthermore, there are 2 contemporary cupboards in the neighboring inner hall.

Swedish Home – Bathroom Design
The Swedish house bathroom interior design is en suite through parental bedroom or master bedroom. The creative bathroom walls are tiled in a gray color schemes beige hue, and on the floor is mosaic matching. Shower Corner is prepared through both hand nozzle and unique shower head furniture.

Modern Swedish Apartment Kitchen Space
The modern and handy kitchen space design through kind bench space, ample storage space and mood lighting. The divide desk corner is created from walnut through concrete material as mud flaps. There is apartment room for placing a dining table for at least 4 people.

Fun Kid’s Bedroom Design
The large apartment room is separated into 2 smaller room designs with contemporary mirror sliding doors among them. There is interesting thing about the idea. You can see that the room windows are fixed by separate wall mounted desk. In the back apartment room that is ornamented with wallpaper from Ferm Living, a place built bed by storage space underneath. In case you desire to have entirely divide rooms, there is chance to pick up a doorway from the kitchen space.

timber bookshelf furniture living room

swedish kitchen space and dining room

swedish apartment bathroom clean interior

stunning swedish house apartment view  terrace

study room design with wall feature

storage space idea behind curtain

sketch apartment swedish house floorplan

shoe coat area near front door

open apartment shower natural design

modern swedish home living space

neutral bedroom cozy atmosphere

modern small kitchen swedish home

modern built in wardrobe design

mirror sliding door design apartment

laundry room swedish home

kitchen room and kids study room

kids bedroom with study space interior

hall used study room design interior

hall and dressing room contemporary style

counter top wash basin ideas

comfortable dining room table design for apartment

comfort swedish house terrace area

childrens bedroom fun interior design

built in storage space study room design

built in storage bed furniture idea

apartment inner hall from bedroom

airy reading room corner apartment

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