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Tips for Decorate a Room for Kids

August 7, 2009 by newhouseofart

Your children is growing and want to surprise remodeling a room in a modern, fun and you like it. So today we’ll show you some new styles in decorating rooms for children who have developed the authors of the web Kidtropolis, specialists in furniture, interior decoration and space solutions for children’s rooms.

  • The first symbol of the old west style. It is characterized by the use of different types of wood, the aging treatment of objects and the use of earth tones, warm and light amber or yellow. In this room to the smallest details are important, but look at the curtain with patchwork or jar of milk on the coach.
  • Decorate a Room for Kids 1

    The detail of the horse, picked up the blinds and the walls work very well summarizes the concept cowboy.

  • The next room is the sailor style, quite manly and has a range of colors suitable for children through the blue and white. They provide depth to the room and give it freshness and softness to the environment.
  • Decorate a Room for Kids 2

    This style is characterized by the use of metal items and strings as part of the decoration. As we can see, these useful lamps are perfect for decoration and for the lighting of the room.
    Decorate a Room for Kids 3

    As the lanterns, anchors are a distinctive world of the sailors. These chrome-finished metal create harmony not only with the subject, but also are useful and allow a better conservation of furniture and other items. One example is the hinges we see on this ledge, very consistent with the atmosphere. Likewise, the chair with chrome metal base covered in white leather is impeccable and comfortable.
    Decorate a Room for Kids 4

  • Finally, the decoration style house in the tree to leave really surprised. The murals are very impressive and colorful. Draw the shades to rest, peace and tranquility. In addition, the detail of the logs of wood is very well calculated and designed.
  • Decorate a Room for Kids 5

    Provide a space for recreation that will enhance your room will become your own place of rest and lots of fun. This will be appreciated by your home and what is in it.
    Decorate a Room for Kids 6
    Decorate a Room for Kids

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