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Very Feminine Apartment by Pippa Jameson

June 14, 2011 by newhouseofart

Flower Vase Accessories for Feminine Apartment

Pippa jameson is knows as interior designer stylist for over 14 years. She lives in England, and works in Shoreditch, London. She’s a very nice and humble person. As interior designer, Pippa has experienced many things and her works is astonishingly good. She has impressive client list and has worked in television, advertising, magazines, books and film. During her carrier, she had been in position of deputy interiors editor for BBC Good Homes Magazine. Recently, she decides to be a freelance stylist for magazine and advertising, include online and large campaign. Besides being a interior designer, Pippa also blog writer. Her blog is indexed on google, feel free to read for yourself.

From what i saw through her apartment photograph, I know Pippa is very feminine person. She loved the feminine touch and white color. She’s very tidy, and know well hot to make moderate apartment looks lovely and being dreamed for everyone. She has white wooden floors on her apartment. In the living room, Pippa put gorgeous mid century sofa, the sisal rug. The colors of the living room are the combination between pink, white, and green. It’s really pretty and makes people comfortable when visiting her. When I looked the bathroom picture, I just imagine how to have the bathroom like that. All the bathroom part is covered in white. She put some pretty bottles, a tiny flower arrangement for color. She put some flowers, to make the bathroom so beautiful.

My favorite part of her apartment is the bedroom. Her bed is unique and gorgeous. Pippa put some summery touch of her bed rooms. The bed is modeled like a swing, the room covers in white and added some flowers to make the room fresh.  She also put some blooms sprinkled around the room in random bottles, including an Arizona Ice Tea bottle. Those entire combination makes Pippa’s bedroom is really pretty and you can’t take your eyes out of the bedroom. Pippa’s apartment is very feminine and romantic one. She puts many flowers that are really matches to the white color and make her apartment looks perfect for woman.

Credit for: Pippa Jameson

Feminine Apartment Flower Arrangement Idea

Feminine Apartment Dining Room

Feminine Apartment Decorative Living Room

Feminine Apartment Cute Bedroom

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